Patricia and Jan’s love story was a special one. One day, Patricia met a man named Jan T. at a party and they had a wonderful time together. They talked for hours and really connected. Unfortunately, they did not exchange contacts. A few days later, Patricia, who could not get Jan out of her head, decided to look him up on Facebook. She found a Jan T. whose profile picture was not a photo of him, but she decided to contact him anyways. It turns out, it was a different Jan T., but they ended up messaging back and forth. Messages turned into a date and here they are, promising each other a lifetime together!

Their wedding was intimate and oh so emotional, I could barely keep my tears back! My favourite part was a unique tradition; a long string was put in front of the guest chairs, from one end to another. Before the “I dos”, the wedding rings were then looped through the string and each guest held the rings for a moment to bring the bride & groom endless luck and happiness. It was a truly special moment!

After the vows, the couple planted a small tree together which symbolises the start of their life together.